Ramatex was first established in 1976 as a textiles manufacturer under Gimmill Industrial Pte Ltd in Singapore. In 1990, the group took the decision to provide a vertically integrated service. This led to the formation of Ramatex Textiles Industrial in Malaysia. Ramatex is a leader in the textiles industry and a world-class manufacturer for textiles and garments. Through its sustained programme of investment in technology, manpower and training, Ramatex has built up a fine reputation for quality and on time delivery around the world.

To date, Ramatex has extended its operational base across Asia, with 3 fabric mills and 13 apparel factories spreading over Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and China to reinforce its capabilities across apparel manufacturing functions. Today, this vertical integration helps Ramatex strengthen its apparel production capabilities, offer customers integrated textile solutions, control the entire manufacturing process from spinning, knitting, dyeing and printing to garment export.

Socially responsible, Ramatex has taken care to ensure its manufacturing processes embrace environmental protection, create a more sustainable approach to our high-quality production by minimizing energy usage, adopting waste & water recycling and using organic materials & approved chemical dyes only.

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